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Competencies covered

MSFFL2001: Use flooring technology sector hand and power tools

Jigsaw operation

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Floor layers use jigsaws when they need to cut a profiled or curved shape in a board product, such as hard underlay sheets, engineered floating floors and solid timber boards.

You can also use them to cut aluminium and plastic trims if you fit the correct blade and use the right setting.

The link below will take you to a basic SOP for a jigsaw.

Jigsaw SOP

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Learning activity

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Jigsaw blades vary in terms of their shape, tooth profile, number of teeth and the type of metal they're made from.

The differences are designed to make certain blades more suitable for cutting particular materials.

Do some research on the different blades available for your own jigsaw, or the one you're using in your training session.

What materials are they designed to cut? Write down the main distinguishing features of the different blades.

If you're studying this unit by distance learning, you can also take photos of the blades and match up your descriptions with the photos.

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